Eastway Hub, Preston

Scale: 3.07 ha

Hollins Strategic Land made a considered decision a number of years ago to invest in North West Preston and have acquired an interest in much of the land on either side of Eastway. HSL brought forward a site with 70 dwellings in 2011, followed by 140 dwellings and 22 dwellings in 2013. These developments will bring with them much of the highway improvements necessary to upgrade Eastway as well as contributing financially to highways and other infrastructure investments, including public transport.

The final element of sustainable development in this area is the proposal for the Eastway Hub – a sustainable community hub. In developing an understanding of how the existing and future community in the locality functions, it has become clear that the area would benefit from community facilities and shopping facilities. It is proposed that the Eastway Hub forms a sustainable community space which can be developed at an early stage to meet the needs and improve the retail and facilities on offer for the existing community. It will also enhance future community needs resulting from HSL’s wider development commitments in North Preston.

The application for outline planning permission was submitted in February 2014 and comprises:

  • Units for D1 and D2 community use
  • An appropriately sized food store with ancillary uses
  • A family pub
  • A restaurant
  • Units for shops and a café

The Eastway Hub will also provide contributions for:

  • Bus service and bus stop along Eastway
  • Hard-surfacing, Footways and Cycleway connections
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • An attractive public realm providing space for social interaction