Berry Hill Road, Adderbury

Scale: 55 units

Hollins Strategic Land submitted an Outline Application for up to 55 units in November 2017 on a site to the north of Berry Hill Road in Adderbury, Cherwell. Benefits of the scheme include:

  • A development of up to 55 dwellings, at a mix of types, tenures and sizes;
  • Affordable dwellings (at up to 35%, equating to 19 dwellings based on a 55 dwelling scheme);
  • A scheme that delivers more smaller dwelling units to include 3 bed family homes and entry level starter homes;
  • Safe vehicular and pedestrian access to the site off Berry Hill Road;
  • Associated landscaping, including an area of public open space;
  • Enhancing highway safety and sustainability through provision of a new footway on the northern side of Berry Hill Road, between the site access and the junction of Berry Hill Road and Horn Hill;
  • The provision also of a new footway extending south-east of the site access around the corner of the A4260 Oxford Road and a new crossing and pedestrian refuge on the A4260 Oxford Road;
  • The retention of most existing trees and hedgerows and provision of new landscaping including new tree and hedge planting; and
  • Ecological mitigation and enhancement including the integration of a Green Infrastructure Network within the site and opportunities to provide a net gain in biodiversity.

Berry Hill Road, Adderbury - Hollins Strategic Land