Turnpike Road, Blunsdon

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Hollins Strategic Land submitted an outline application for up to 80 dwellings in March 2019 on a site in Blunsdon, Swindon. The access is to be taken from Turnpike Road, with pedestrian and cycle connectivity provided to the north and west. The site is bordered by Turnpike Road and the Blunsdon Bypass to the west. A Premier Inn and a restaurant are situated on the northern boundary and the eastern and southern boundaries are bordered by trees and hedges. A scheme for 54 dwellings to the north east of the site was granted full consent in March 2018 (S/17/0528) and an outline application for up to 43 dwellings (S/OUT/19/0294) is pending on the site immediately to the north.

The site is situated 5 miles from Swindon town centre and the railway station, which provides a direct route to Bristol and London. The town centre can be accessed by bus and there is a bus stop situated immediately north of the site on the B4019. Broad Blunsdon benefits from key services including a primary school, a village shop and a medical practice, highlighting the sustainability of the this location for supporting residential development.

Benefits of the site include:

  • The delivery of open market housing to assist with boosting the supply of housing in Swindon where the Authority cannot demonstrate a land supply.
  • The proposals will see the delivery of new homes in a sustainable location, with excellent access to local services and facilities via sustainable modes of transport. The excellent connectivity with Inkersall Green local centre will ensure the development will become an integrated part of the exiting settlement and new residents will provide a boost to the local area, helping to sustain existing facilities for the benefit of the wider community and enhance Inkersall Green’s role as a community hub;
  • Delivery of 30% affordable housing which accords with the development plan and would assist in addressing the very significant and persistent shortfall in affordable housing delivery.
  • The provision of open space to meet the needs of existing and proposed residents.
  • A net gain in biodiversity.
  • A socially, economically and environmentally development in an accessible location.
  • A range of social and economic benefits including the provision of New Homes Bonus, CIL, Council Tax revenue now, construction jobs and increase spending for local services and facilities.

Turnpike Road, Blunsdon - Hollins Strategic Land

Turnpike Road, Blunsdon - Hollins Strategic Land