Kepple Lane, Garstang

Scale: 7.2ha, 130 units

An application has been submitted by HSL to Wyre Council for the development of 130 dwellings on land to the rear of Kepple Lane in the thriving market town of Garstang. The site is located in a sustainable location, and will provide good links to Garstang Town Centre. The site has been allocated for residential development in the adopted local plan. It has excellent links to local schools and facilities and is within walking distance to the local medical centre.

The river Wyre runs along the southern edge of the site and HSL has carefully designed a development vision to deliver significant open space gains. A green open space area will be provided through the creation of a species rich meadow along the enhanced ‘Many Pads Footpath’ which will incorporate features to support and facilitate improved local wildlife habitat, such as otter hollows and bat boxes and hedgerow planting. Pedestrians can follow this route into the centre of the nearby vibrant market town of Garstang and the many shops and services the town offers, most within 1000m of the site.



Kepple Lane - HS Land


Kepple Lane - HS Land