Inkersall Road, Staveley Derbyshire

Scale: 22.3 ha (55 acres)

The proposed development is for outline planning permission for up to 400 dwellings and provision of an area of public open space, with associated landscaping and access from Inkersall Road and Inkersall Green Road. The site has been identified in the emerging Chesterfield Local Plan (the ‘Submission Version’) as a residential allocation for around 400 new dwellings. The Council therefore recognises the application site as a suitable, available, achievable and deliverable site for housing, and an appropriate location to accommodate some of the future growth required over the plan period.

Access to the site is to be provided from two new access points; one off Inkersall Road to the east of the site and one off Inkersall Green Road to the south. The proposals retain and enhance the existing green corridor running across the site through the incorporation of the brook and enhanced planting. New pedestrian and cycle links will be incorporated in this green corridor – providing a new connection between the existing settlement, the Trans Pennine Trail and Poolsbrook Country Park for the benefit of the wider community.

The application proposals will bring significant material benefits, which can be summarised as follows:

  • The provision of a mix of new homes to meet the identified needs of Chesterfield, including affordable dwellings, in line with the emerging Local Plan;
  • The proposals will see the delivery of new homes in a sustainable location, with excellent access to local services and facilities via sustainable modes of transport. The excellent connectivity with Inkersall Green local centre will ensure the development will become an integrated part of the exiting settlement and new residents will provide a boost to the local area, helping to sustain existing facilities for the benefit of the wider community and enhance Inkersall Green’s role as a community hub;
  • The development will generate economic benefits for the local area, including the creation of jobs through the construction process;
  • Enhanced pedestrian and cycle links between Poolsbrook Country Park, the adjacent Trans Pennine Trail and the existing settlement of Middlecroft and Inkersall Green will be created. This enhanced connectivity represents a significant benefit for existing residents, encouraging outdoor recreational activities;
  • The development will provide a substantial area of publicly accessible open space with additional footpath and cycle links providing public access;
  • The proposals set out a high quality design for the new dwellings, which responds positively to the constraints and opportunities presented by the site and will incorporate an extensive network of green infrastructure maximising opportunities for a net gain for biodiversity and enhancing pedestrian connectivity across the site;
  • The proposals also include improvements to the existing junction of Inkersall Road/ Inkersall Green Road and improvements to the existing pedestrian network in the vicinity of the site, including a new crossing point across Inkersall Road. These improvements will bring benefits for the wider community.

Inkersall Rd - Hollins Strategic Land

Inkersall Rd - Hollins Strategic Land

Inkersall Rd - Hollins Strategic Land