Clophill Road, Bedfordshire

Scale: 7.0 acres (2.86 ha)

An outline planning application for up to 50 dwellings with associated landscaping, open space and vehicular and pedestrian access off Clophill Road has been submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council. A planning policy vacuum currently exists in Central Bedfordshire in respect of meeting up to date housing requirements and there is an accumulating shortfall in affordable and market housing.

Clophill benefits from a range of local facilities and services and as such is identified in the adopted CSDMP as a ‘Large Village’ and a suitable and sustainable location to accommodate new housing growth. Within the context of the overall character and appearance of the village and its landscape setting, the development of this site will have minimal visual impact and will integrate itself seamlessly into the context of its surroundings.

What is more, the superseded OAN figure upon which the current five year supply calculation is based, indicates that Central Bedfordshire Council is currently unable to demonstrate a five year housing land supply. The current shortfall against the five year requirement adds significant weight towards the planning balance in favour of approving proposals for sustainable and deliverable housing sites that are able to come forward within the short term.

Clophill Road, Bedfordshire - Hollins Strategic Land