Past Projects

Grove Farm, Adlington, Chorley

Scale: 6 acres, circa 75 units

Hollins Strategic Land successfully obtained outline planning consent in August 2011, and a reserved matters application has been approved for 67 units. The development is now under construction.

Very early on in the process the Company was mindful that Lancashire County Council had identified the need for a strategic public transport improvement in the form of a park and ride facility at Adlington railway station in Chorley. This is an important component of the regions sustainable transport strategy and has wider implications.

Our success on this site was based on a clear planning strategy that would facilitate this major sustainable transport enhancement through consultation and partnership with Lancashire County Council and Chorley Borough Council. Part of our planning negotiation and submissions clearly set out to the Council that in order to bring forward this scheme, within a sensible timescale, the proposed park and ride would have to be facilitated by the development of a high quality housing scheme of circa 65 – 70 dwellings.

In terms of the planning case put forward for the planning application, the Company demonstrated the site at Adlington was located in a highly sustainable town centre location with access to local services and the railway station, all within walking distance. Furthermore, Chorley BC have to provide a rolling 5 year housing land supply and sufficient new residential development to support the potential for economic growth, including providing a wider range of general and high quality market housing in sustainable locations such as Adlington. Our planning argument was very strong in regard to these issues and was pivotal to our success.

The applied planning strategy on this scheme resulted in a contemporary and holistic approach to integrated transport and housing provision in a location identified both locally and regionally as an area for growth.

Grove Farm, Adlington, Chorley - Hollins Strategic Land

Grove Farm, Adlington, Chorley - Hollins Strategic Land
Forest Grove, Barton, Preston - Hollins Strategic Land